Student-Staff Partnerships - Project Submission 2019

Use this form to submit a proposed Student Staff partnership project.

Student-Staff Partnerships: Project submission form

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Project as part of the UQ Student-Staff Partnerships Initiative. The Student-Staff Partnerships Team will be in contact with you within one week of the submissions closing date. Please ensure that you check your emails after the submission date for further correspondence. Timelines for Project Rounds may be found on the website:

Project Lead Details

Who will be the primary contact for this project? Please indicate your name.
In which Faculty, or Central Division will this project primarily fall under?
Please tick all that apply.
If you are a undergraduate or postgraduate student, please include the staff partner (their name and email address) that has signed onto your project. If you are a staff partner, please specify any other staff partners (their name and email address) that will be involved in the project.

Project Details

Please specify the campus where the majority of project activities will occur.
Briefly describe your proposed Student-Staff Partnership project including: context, rationale and scope. i.e. what is the challenge that you are facing? All projects must reflect a co-creation, co-delivery, or collaborative aspect to reflect shared responsibility between students and staff. i.e. not task delegation, rather ideation and collaboration.
E.g. a cohort of students in a course, program, school, Faculty, or the broader UQ student population.

Student Partners will receive grants based on the maximum number of contact hours involved for the project. There will be three levels of engagement to which the grants will be assigned: Please indicate the number of Student Partners against the corresponding grant level. No more than five (5) Student Partners per project. | Please note: Contact hours include attending a two hour Induction, co-developing the Project Plan, and co-developing the Retrospective Report. 


Grant Value per Student PartnerMaximum Contact HoursDuration of Project
1$500251 - 10 Weeks
2$750372 - 13 Weeks
3$1,000503 - 13 Weeks
1. Teaching & Learning: enhancing course content, design and facilitation. 2. Student Experience: enhancing academic, non-academic and social aspects of the UQ student experience. 3. Governance & Strategy: amplifying the student voice within governance and university strategy. | Further details and examples are provided on the website:
In 2019, there will be four funding rounds for Student-Staff Partnership Projects. Round 1: Inductions (4 - 15 February, 2019). Just-in-time Round 1: Inductions (4 - 15 March, 2019). Round 2: Inductions: (1 - 12 July, 2019). Just-in-time Round 2: (22 July - 2 August. 2019). Please note: You must be available during the induction time specified for the Round you are submitting for. | Further details provided on the website:


E.g. how will Student Partners be involved in the identification and ideation of solutions? How will leadership be distributed? How will Student Partners contribute to the intellectual design and development of the project?
E.g. what practical strategies will you deploy to ensure that the voice/ideas of Student and Staff Partners are equally valued throughout the project? For example, will Student Partners be provided with opportunities to chair meetings?

Criteria for Student Partners

Do you require the Student Partners to have completed a particular course or program? If so please provide course code or program name.
Please list any desirable skill sets of Student Partners that would be beneficial for this project.

Partnership Conditions

Please check the following boxes to confirm that the project you are submitting meets the Student-Staff Partnership project criteria
Further details of Round timelines can be found on the website:
A copy of the guidelines can be found on the website: