Student-Staff Partnerships - Student Forum Funding Submission

Student Representative details

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If enrolled in a dual degree program, please check both Faculties

Committee/advisory group contact details

Student-Staff Partnerships (SSP) will confirm with this staff member that you have approval to run the event or consultation session

Event details

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e.g. What are the main motivations behind this event? Do you struggle to hear from other students? Is there a particular point of concern that you want to discuss with the student cohort?

Funding requested

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Please note:

For catering/refreshments the funding will be for the amount of $10 per registered participant less a 20% drop off rate (this is to account for the number of students that actually turn up to events).  Therefore, if you have 20 students registered, we would be able to give you $160 worth of UQU vouchers or pay for $160 worth of catering.

Applicant Declaration

  • Event participants will be required to complete and sign a register that they have received either a UQU voucher, or catering/refreshments.
  • The completed register and any unused vouchers (if applicable) will be returned to the SSP team within a week of the event.