UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship

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UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship was established in 2019 with support from the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. The purpose of the scholarship is to support students undertaking a sequence of study in Western Civilisation through one of two Approved Programs of Study – the Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours) (BAdvHum(Hons)) program or the dual Bachelor of Humanities/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (BHum/LLB(Hons)) program.

Value: $30,000 per year.

Applications must include a Curriculum Vitae, two written references, and a personal statement consisting of a description of your academic achievements, your community service, and your suitability for the program of study.

Applications will be assessed against, and awarded based on, the following criteria: 

a. academic ability as demonstrated by previous academic results and awards;

b. each of the following as demonstrated by written application and performance at interview:

i. interest in the questions and ideas that have shaped the world;

ii. track-record of contribution to their communities;

iii. creativity and critical thinking skills that challenge and cross boundaries;

iv. ability to contribute effectively to discussion and debate;

v. the desire and ability on the part of the candidate to empower and better the lives of others and to make a difference in the world;

vi. the qualities of compassion, empathy, and ethical behaviour;

vii. the value of the opportunity provided by the Scholarship to the applicant’s future development; and

c. overall performance at the interview. 

Provided that the above criteria are met, preference may be given to applicants who can demonstrate as part of their application that they have experienced disadvantage or are from an underrepresented background in accordance with the University’s Strategic Plan. 

The selection committee will interview shortlisted applicants.

Please ensure that you are eligible for the scholarship by checking the scholarship rules here.

I declare that I:

Other important information

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed. Incomplete applications include those which do not have the following attachments:
    • Two written references and a CV.
    • Evidence of educational disadvantage, if this has been declared.
    • Evidence of Australian Permanent Residency, if this has been declared.
  • Avoid using acronyms unless you have previously explained them.
  • Review your application carefully before you submit as you will not be able to edit your application after you submit it.
  • Remote area means a Remote or Very Remote region of Australia as defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard 2016. To check to see if you are in a Remote area a useful web site is the Australian Government Department of Health (access this here). To check your address, tick the Classification Filter “ASGS 2016, select “Find address” and type your address. Your ASGS Remoteness Area classification will appear at the bottom of the filter box and the map will show your address in a coloured area.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be required to participate in a short interview (in person or via zoom) on 1, 2, or 6 October 2020 at a time determined by the University. Your application will be forfeited if you are unable to attend an interview (in person or via zoom) at your allocated time.
  • Applicants will be notified via email by mid-September 2020 if shortlisted for an interview.

Documents required for Upload:

Curriculum Vitae (Limit of two pages)

In your CV, outline your academic achievements, extracurricular endeavours, and volunteering and community engagement activities.

Two Written References

Your referees should be able to attest to your quality as a candidate and your suitability for this scholarship. We welcome written references from teachers or guidance counsellors from high school, leaders or supervisors from community or volunteer associations, organisers of religious, sporting, or special interest groups, or your workplace supervisor.

References must be submitted on letterhead.

References from referees who are near relatives or close associates are not suitable.

Instructions for upload of files:

All documents must be uploaded in pdf.

Your curriculum vitae and two written references must be combined into one pdf file.

Any educational disadvantage evidence is to be submitted in one separate pdf file.

Evidence of Australian Permanent Residency is to be submitted in one separate pdf file.

All files to be saved with the following naming convention, with each word separated by underscores:






Individual feedback may be provided upon request only for applicants who attended an interview.

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