International Student Supervision Program 2022

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International Student Supervision Program: Registration Form

You should complete this form if you are an international student and:

  • You will be under 18 when beginning a program at The University of Queensland or UQ College;
  • You will be under 18 when entering Australia to begin a program at The University of Queensland or UQ College; AND
  • You do not have a parent/legal custodian/relative in Brisbane who can provide accommodation and take care of your welfare until you reach the age of 18, and so will need a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) form to apply for your Student Visa.


Registration fee:  $110 (non refundable)

Program fees:  $8.20 per night from arrival until your 18th birthday* 

To calculate the total number of days between your arrival and turning 18 years of age, enter the relevant dates in the Time and Date calculator.  

To calculate the total program fee, multiply the number of days by $8.20 and add this amount to the $110 registration fee.

*Program fee does not include the price of accommodation.

You must have received an offer letter from UQ prior to registering for the International Student Supervision Program. Please upload this below. If you are unable to upload this document, please email it to us at
*UQ College students must include their offer from UQ College.
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