Administrator Access Request Form for StudentHub

Section A - Applicant's Details

To avoid delays in processing, please fill in all available fields. Please use your legal name (e.g. your name as it appears on your staff profile). If you are unsure of any details, please email
Please provide your physical address on campus including your division/unit. This information will not be visible to students.
Suggested format for your username is your first initial and your full last name, ie: JCitizen. You are not able to use your UQ username.

Section B - Access Required

Please provide the name of the work group/s
Please provide the name or username of the person who has the same level of access you require (if possible)

Section C - Applicant Declaration

I declare that I will not reveal my username and password to any other person other than staff who are tasked to manage StudentHub access in the course of their support activites. 

I understand that damage or misuse of data, including passing information on to unauthorized people is a serious offence and may result in misconduct proceedings.