Terms & Conditions for employers

1)Careers & Employability Services and UQ Studenthub

a)The Careers Service of UQ consists of the UQ Careers Team in the UQ Student Employability Centre and Employability and Placement services staff in Faculties and Units within the University of Queensland “UQ”.

b)UQ Studenthub is an online system used by UQ to advertise employment and opportunities for students and graduates of UQ.

2)Vacancies and Employers

a)All job advertisements submitted to UQ Studenthub must comply with all relevant Australian and State laws including privacy, fair work, fair trading, trade practices and anti-discrimination laws. Information about employee entitlements and legitimate unpaid work is available from the Fair Work website (see www.fairwork.gov.au).

b)All international paid vacancies must be listed via GlobalGrad (www.globalgrad.uq.edu.au) and meet UQ’s Terms and Conditions: http://www.uq.edu.au/terms-of-use/.

c)All advertisements must be approved by the Careers Service staff and international volunteer/internship placements must be endorsed by the UQ Student Employability Centre before they are made accessible to students and graduates.

d)UQ reserves the right to accept, alter or reject registrations, vacancies and event advertisements in UQ Studenthub in its absolute discretion.

e)UQ reserves the right to refuse any person or organisations’ use of this service.

f) Positions which may require work from a residential property will include a disclaimer in the detail section of the advertisement 

3)Minimum requirements for listing a vacancy include:

a)The name of the organisation or individual advertising the job vacancy (and their ACN/ABN, if applicable).

b)The name of a contact person and their position.

c)The address, email and phone number of the organisation, individual or contact person (UQ will not disclose individual emails, if requested).

d)A clear description of the nature of the work being offered, its location, the duties required, and any essential or desired skills.

e)Clear stipulation of whether the role is paid or unpaid, hours of work and (where applicable) the length of the contract/placement. In the case of paid employment an appropriate rate of pay or reference to a relevant award or job classification must be provided.

4)Special conditions for recruitment agencies and other third party recruiters.

a)Third party recruiters must provide the name of the client organisation to UQ, if requested to do so. UQ will not disclose the name of the client organisation to students and graduates without first discussing it with the third party recruiter.

b)Vacancies submitted in order to create recruitment pools will not be approved.

5)Please do not submit advertisements for the following types of positions, as UQ will not accept them:

a)Brand Ambassador, commission only or unendorsed fee based roles.

b)Any advertisement for an unpaid internship, work experience or volunteer position unless:

i)the position has been approved by the relevant School or Faculty; or

ii)the position is a designated volunteer role that meets Volunteering Australia’s definition and criteria (see: http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/policy-and-be... ); and

iii)the organisation offering the role is a deductible gift recipient (DGR).

c) Employment that requires the successful applicant to establish their own business or concern.

d)Positions involving unpaid trial periods, except where Federal or State Awards make allowances for such arrangements.

e)Opportunities that require the purchase of a vehicle, telephone, product or other service as a condition of engagement/employment.

f)Independent contracting arrangements.

g)Positions involving illegal activities.

h)Speculative advertisements and any advertisements that do not stipulate and offer a genuine employment/engagement opportunity.

6)UQ also reserves the right to alter, withdraw or reject any advertisement where:

a)Non-compliance with these terms and conditions has occurred;

b)Misleading or incorrect information has been provided;

c)Complaints about the advertiser or organisation have been received; or,

d)The advertised role or event is otherwise considered to be inappropriate.

7)Complaints policy. In the instance that a UQ student or graduate makes a complaint about an advertiser and UQ deems it appropriate to progress the complaint, the following procedure will apply:

a)The job advertisement or opportunity will be removed if UQ considers this as necessary;

b)The advertiser will be contacted for a "right of reply" to the complaint

c)If the complaint is upheld, the advertiser may be asked to take corrective action, given a warning, or may be permanently prevented from advertising roles on UQ Studenthub in the future.

d)Advertisers will not be able to advertise other roles while their complaint is being investigated.

e)An advertiser will be informed, verbally or in writing, if the advertisement is withdrawn or if access to the service is refused.

f)UQ will endeavour to treat all complaints in a professional and considered manner, respecting the reputation and confidentiality of both the complainant and the advertiser. Where UQ reasonably determines that the above procedure is not suitable due to the nature of the issues raised, UQ reserves the right to alter the process taken toaddress the matter.


a)UQ will be under no liability to users and recruiters in respect of any claim, loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage, loss of business, profit, goodwill or other economic loss) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in connection with these terms or the Careers and/or Employability Services at UQ. These limitations shall apply regardless of the form of action, whether the asserted liability or damages are based in contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal or equitable basis.

b) Advertisers agree to indemnify the UQ Careers Service, UQ and its staff against all claims, actions, suits, costs and expenses incurred on any account as a result of the advertiser’s or organisation’s advertisement and the acts and omissions of its officers, personnel and agents.

c)UQ is not responsible for errors, omissions or non-insertion of advertisements.

d)UQ does not screen students or other potential applicants and takes no responsibility for the manner in which the information on UQ Studenthub is used.

e)UQ does not recommend or endorse any organisations or service providers featured on UQ Studenthub.

9)Timescales and use of information.

a)Advertisements are processed during business hours, except for University holidays and public holidays.

b)UQ may use organisations' and individual email addresses to:

i)update them about features and updates on UQ Studenthub;

ii)clarify contact, job or event details with them;

iii)alert them of UQ services to facilitate recruitment or engagement;

iv)undertake labour market research; or

v)ask questions to assist us in managing the UQ Studenthub service.