SMP Summer Industry Experience 2022/23 - project submission

Submit a project for a student intern as part of UQ's School of Maths and Physics Summer Industry Experience program. For more information about the program, visit our website:

The SMP Summer Industry Experience program offers Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics students the chance to engage in a summer internship with one of our industry partners. Student interns gain valuable industry insight and experience in an authentic work environment. In turn, host organisations tap into our pool of talented students and collaborate with them as they contribute to real-life projects during the internship.

If you have questions about the program or want to discuss project ideas, please reach out to the SMP Industry team at

Organisation details

What is your organisation's core business?
Australian Business Number (11 digits, no spaces)
Please insert a URL to your organisation's website
Please provide the FULL STREET ADDRESS of the organisation / the location of the proposed internship.

Supervisor details

Please provide details about the person in your organisation who will provide day-to-day supervision, guidance and mentoring for the student during the internship project.
Please include office contact number. Mobile number optional.
Please provide the details of an alternative contact in your organisation should we be unable to reach you (Name, position, email, phone).

Project details

Please provide information about the project offered for this internship. If you have more than one project to offer, please make a separate submission for each project. Contact if you wish to discuss project ideas before submitting.
Please select at least one of the areas listed.
Please provide a 1-2 paragraph description of your project.
Please include project tasks as well as anything else the student may be required to do during the internship.
Projects should be 6-8 weeks in duration. Please indicate how many weeks' work you anticipate the project will require. Note that, due to insurance restrictions, the maximum amount of time a student can spend in your organisation per calendar year is four weeks (e.g. an 8-week project would be broken up into 4 weeks in 2022 and 4 weeks in 2023). Internships can take place during the months of November, December, January and February with the specific schedule determined by agreement between the industry partner and the successful student.
Please include essential and/or desired background and skills required for this project.

Internship details

Please provide logistical details for the internship.
Successful students receive a $360/week stipend for the duration of the internship. Your organisation will contribute 50% of the funds for the student payment, with the other 50% funded by UQ ($180/week from industry, $180/week from UQ). Your total contribution will depend on the length of the internship (6-week project = $1080, 8-week project + $1440). All funds go directly to the student (no administrative charges). Once you have reviewed applications and selected a student to undertake your project, UQ will request a purchase order / authority to purchase from your organisation before issuing an invoice. The student will receive the funds in two equal payments, at the halfway point and at the end of the internship. Please acknowledge your organsiation agrees to this funding / process by making a selection below.
Recent events have taught us that we don't always need to be physically located in the same space to collaborate effectively in a work environment. UQ insurance will support both in-person and remote work arrangements to afford all its students the opportunity to engage in projects as part of this program. If you can accommodate this project as a remote internship, our offshore students will also be eligible to apply. Please select from the list below the mode of engagement for this project.
Is the internship site accessible by public transport?
How many minutes walk is the placement facility from the nearest bus stop and/or train station?
E.g., mandatory immunisations, Working With Children Check (Blue Card), licences/registrations
Enter details of induction and training activities e.g., OH&S, workplace policies, confidentiality, systems training
Please add anything else you think we should know when reviewing your submission.